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The second and third parameters (flex-shrink and flex-basis) are optional. The default is 0 1 auto, but if you set it with a single number value, it’s like 1 0. flex-grow: 0; flex-shrink: 1; flex-basis: auto;, or using the shorthand, flex: 0 1 auto, is the default value for a flex item. When it comes to useful cases, a list would be too long, so below is two samples, where the first show how one can make one flex item take the remaining space, and push the other to the right. Distribute any remaining free space. For each flex line: If the remaining free space is positive and at least one main-axis margin on this line is auto, distribute the free space equally among these margins. Otherwise, set all auto margins to zero.

Flex 0 1 auto

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